We have started to process recent 2018 American state voter database hacks totalling data on over 120 million voters.
Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Washington DC, and Wyoming

We are now importing the 70+ million Philippino voter database

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  • We monitor the Dark Web to find stolen data
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Cybercrimes reached an all-time high in 2018, with up to $16 billion worth of losses caused by hackers. Websites are getting hacked each day and most of them don't even know it,

This can have devastating consequences for a user, especially when the attacker starts targeting important aspects of their lives such as insurance, bank and credit card information. Many users are unaware that their info has been compromised. Don't wait until its too late, get your FreeHackReport to see what info the hackers already have about you so you can start changing your paswords immediately

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"Usage of tools to hack sites is vastly outpacing the knowledge of understanding the necessity of securing websites"

John Sabo Founder Dark Sources Security

How Much is Your Information Worth on the Dark Web

  • PayPal Credentials

    $14.00 - $45.00

  • Facebook Account

    $12.00 - $45.00

  • Netflix Account

    $4.47 - $12.70

  • Hulu Account

    $3.00 - $11.00

  • Amazon Account

    $12.00 - $35.00

  • Sportify Account

    $2.75 - $15.00

  • Twitter

    $2.50 - $9.00

  • Instagram

    $2.00 - $8.00

  • Xbox-Live

    $13.00 - $26.00

  • Steam

    $12.00 - $45.00


Over 80% of People Use The Same Email & Password On Multiple Websites. Hackers use this info to get into other sites you have registered with.

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Once hackers have your personal information, they can use this information to:

  • Take over your accounts, make purchases etc.
  • Target you for blackmail, extortion, hacktivism
  • Steal from your banking and shopping accounts
  • Become a vicitim of ransom, personal and professional descrimination
  • Can become a professional risk
  • They sell your credit card information, passwords, account login info
  • Spam you and create phishing attacks
  • Email and telephone scams
  • Create counterfeit cards, transfer money etc.
  • Make fraudulent tax returns & insurance claims
Personally identifiable information (PII) is data that is used to identify, locate or contact a specific individual. This includes names, birth dates, addresses and social security numbers.
Financial Information
Financial information is data that is used for an individual’s financial activities. This includes banking information, billing accounts and insurance information.
Healthcare Information
Healthcare information is data that is used for an individual’s medical services. This includes hospital records, medical insurance and digital health records.
Payment card Information
Payment card information is data that is included in an individual’s payment cards. This includes credit card and debit card information.
Credentials refer is data that is used to verify a user’s online identity. This includes usernames and passwords for online accounts.
Education Information
Education information is data that is used to for an individual’s educational information. This includes school transcripts, college records and enrollment data.
Identity fraud, file fraudulent tax returns, apply loans, etc.
Create counterfeit cards, pay bills, transfer money
Make fraudulent insurance claims, buy prescription medicine
Make fraudulent online purchases
Launch spam/phishing attacks
Use information for blackmail/extortion, hacktivism, etc.


Data Breaches on the Rise 2011-2016

Breaches here, identity theft there and invasions of privacy everywhere... Should you be worried and, if so, how can you protect yourself? It starts at the simpliest form. Your username and password. Knowing which sites have been breached and being able to react quickly to change your passwords are imperative in assisting in lowering the chances of you becoming a victim.

Credential Stuffing Attacks

Hackers used data stolen from one website (ie: Username, Email, Password) to log into other websites until they find a match, they sell this data to hundreds/thousands of people on the Dark Web.

Medical Information Breach

You may have received bills from doctors you never visited, prescription orders already filled for pills you have never taken. This is the start of your medical information breach.

Governmental Information Breach

Hackers will use your information to create fraudulent tax returns, file for government benefits using the info obtained from your personal security breach.

Financial Information Breach

Hackers will use your login credentials, to try and login to banking, shopping and other online financial services. Account takeovers allow hackers to use your credit or debit card and order and write checks in your name.

See if your email has been compromised by scanning our secure database of over 1 Billion hacked credentials

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